Ashcter Vigilis Invictus

A spirited youth, obsessed with a long forgotten order of wizard-knights, on a quest to rekindle their order.


Ashcter Vigilis Invictus, Human Male, Neutral Good, Age 19
Wizard 1/ Fighter 1

HP: 16

Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 13
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 8
Charisma 10

BAB +1

Fort: +3
Reflex: +2
Will: +1

Skills: Spellcraft (2) +8 , Knowledge Arcana (2) +8, Knowledge Nobility (1) +8, Knowledge History(2) +8, Linguistics (2) +8, Climb (1) +7, Craft (arms & armor) (2) +8,

Feats: All Simple and Martial Weapons, All Armors, All Shields, Combat Casting, Arcane Strike*, Weapon Expertise**,
(Human Bonus Feat, *Fighter Bonus Feat)

Abilities: Arcane Bond (Longsword), Universalist School: Hand of the Apprentice,

Level 0 – All standard cantrips
Level 1 – Shield, True Strike, Mirror Strike, Shocking Grasp, Burning Hands, Feather Fall

Gear: Standard Adventurer’s Kit, Ancient Runic Longsword, Spell Book, Spell Component Pouch, Heavy Crossbow, Armored Coat, Wooden Buckler.


Born to a family of spell-casters serving a powerful lord, Aschter Vigilis Invictus is a rebelious and impetuous youth. 2nd of three children Aschter, or Ash, found his parents idea of magic stifling, his father a practitioner of Divination and serving as the lord’s advisor and his mother, a practitioner of the Evocation school, serving as the court battle mage. Magic is in Ash’s blood one could say. But that isn’t all.

Growing up, Ash couldn’t be kept out of libraries and off of adventures. He was always looking up ancient things and investigating long abandoned places. And unlike his parents he had a strong appreciation for magic in all of its forms and varieties. And these leanings one day led him to do research into an ancient and forgotten magical tradition: The Order of the Eldritch Knights.

Founded by a group of spellcasting warriors, the Eldritch knights found more than just the skills and abilities required to blend true wizardry and martial prowess, but also adhered to a code of ethics and conduct centered around their most sacred of tenants: Magic. Back in the day, in order to join the ranks of the Eldritch Knights, you had to be a knight or knighted and be well versed in the study of Magic. Ash found the Eldritch Honor Code deep in ancient dusty tomes:

1) Magic must always be used responsibly. Magic should never drastically alter the way people live, as it can be a capricious and dangerous mistress. Further, a magic user must be cautious in his use of magic to avoid possibly cataclymic disturbances.
2) Common people must be protected from magic’s influence. Magic can easily affect those uninitiated in its arts. These people must be kept safe from its influence and allowed to live in peace.
3) The balance of magic must be maintained. There is not good or bad magic, all magic exists in a state of balance with other forces of the universe. To allow one type of magic, such as necromancy or conjuration to gain to much sway is to alter the balance and invite disaster.
4) Magic Must never be destroyed, the knowledge never be lost. All magic is powerful and in the right place and time useful and correct in its usefulness to the balance of all things.
5) Magic must only be wielded by those who understand its power. Those who do not risk awakening ancient entities or wielding powers beyond their control often to disastrous results. These people must be prevented from using magic that is beyond them.

This code immediately ingrained itself in Ash’s head. He did further research and found that the order had disintegrated after a schism within the order which led to the creation of another more sinister order: The Red Wizards. Many other groups spawned from the remaining Knights (not to mention branched off of the Red Wizards) some of which are now long gone, others of which linger but not with nearly the glory they once had. No matter their fate, their legacy and its impact on the young mage set in course a series of events that would drive the boy from his home and out into the world.

Ash refused to take the Practitioner’s Oath, the Oath that his father, mother, and older brother (Regulus Dominus Invictus III) had, the Oath that binds a wizard to a certain school of Magic. Instead he followed the Code and embraced a broad field of Universal study, embracing even his family’s less desirable schools of Transmutation, Enchantment and even Necromancy. Though successful in his studies due to a focused and studious mind, he refused to study the long hours his parent’s required of him, choosing instead to go and practice with the knights and squires in the courtyard.

The last straw came when it came time to bond his familiar and become a full wizard. He bonded not to a familiar, but rather to an ancient and dusty sword he found among his great-grandfather’s possessions, an old runeblade that had long since lost its magic. Further, his magic studies had been hampered by his insistent and incessant training with the master-at-arms. His father, finally as wroth as could be with his errant son’s attitude, cast him out, marking him with an arcane mark upon his sword arm, marking him an outcast of his family.

It was with much dismay that Ash’s family discovered that this suited the adventurous boy just fine. He set himself up with his friends in the armory, bid Bodswell, the master-at-arms and the squires and newly minted Knights farewell and set off to see the old and ancient places of the world to uncover lost magics and rekindle the order of the Eldritch Knight.

He took the book Codex Honorifica Arcanix or Book of Arcane Honor with him, the manifesto of the now defunct Eldritch Knights and practices the teachings in the manual everyday and every day brings him one step closer to mastering the concepts therein. However, in order to truly achieve his place in the ancient order, he must first be knighted by a lord or king…

Today, Ash wears a tight goatee just on his chin and cuts his hair himself, leaving it medium length and hopelessly untamed, all except for a braid hanging down the left side of his face, a habit he originally researched to mean an apprentice of the Order of the Eldritch Knights. He also dyes his hair white, to make him appear older, or at least more mysterious. His brilliant blue eyes reflect knowledge and power, though are often lost in thought. His face and body bear a small number of light scars from training excursions and adventures, though they do little to curb his boyish charm. His sword, an ancient rune-covered relic, stays ever at his side as does his armored long coat, which is covered in worn plates of old bronze and brass and bound by a belt at his waist. This allows him to leave it hanging from his waist to cast and then don it when the melee combat gets hairy. He has a slew of books bound and slung o’er his back, along with his pack and a thick second belt that holds his spell component pouches. He also has a wooden buckler that hasn’t seen much use.

Ashcter Vigilis Invictus

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